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Introduction of City and Wine

Who are we?

City and Wine is a small family venture based in the beautiful Etyek village which has 4000 inhabitants, just 25 kms from Budapest. Although we were born in the capital, we enjoy community spirit, the culture and the romantic atmosphere of Etyek already for 10 years.
We often spend our free time hiking or jogging in the neighboring grape hills, but everything Budapest can offer – theaters, shopping, movies or concerts – is within arm’s reach.
The Etyek wine region is famous for its quality white wines, made of mostly Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Szürkebarát, Királyleányka, Rajnai Rizling grapes. We would like to share with our guests this uniqe combination of the Hungarian countryside lifestyle and the Hungarian wine culture.

What do we offer?

Everybody who comes to Etyek, tastes the quality wines of the region and enjoys the hospitality of the wine cellars will have a great time full of enjoyment. On the top, we offer leisure programs, hiking and biking tours and Budapest based activities like sightseeing tours or boat trips.

When you stay in Etyek the village greets you with different landscape every season: at springtime purple and red flowers cover the hills; during summer the yellow of sunflower and rape cheers you up; in autumn the browns and greens of the maturing grape invites you for a walk while winter puts an smooth white blanket to the slopes.

This unique experience is available with only a few clicks. Don’t hesitate to step outside of well-known environment and start discovering the wine cellars with your friends and family.
Our weekend programs let you feel the romantic atmosphere of the traditional Hungarian countryside lifestyle, together with the authentic local dishes and quality wines.

We would like to do our best to make your stay memorable and unique, an experience you can only embrace here.

Our partners

We provide quality accommodation to our guests through our partner network of hotels, pensions and wine cellars.

We only work with companies who share and represent the principles of our „Warm Welcome Codex“. This way we can ensure that all our guests receive high quality and personalized service and enjoy the programs to the fullest.

How can City and Wine help you?

You simply click on your selected items in the list to create your personalized program. You can select items from the different categories, like leisure programs, wine tasting or hotels and lodging and we confirm your selection in 3 working days.


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