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Corona Virus Policy of City & Wine

Issue date: 1st March, 2020.

In the recent development of the Corona Virus infection, the safety and well being of our guests became the top priority for City & Wine. To make sure that our experience remains safe and memorable, we are implementing the following rules:

1. All vehicles of City & Wine are cleaned with appropriate disinfecting agents before and after our tours.

2. Health masks will be available for those who require it.

3. We ask all our partners, guides and guests to confirm that they have not been in high risk areas (as described by the World Health Organisation) and according to their best knowledge they have not been in personal contact with people who were known to be potentially exposed to the virus.

4. We reserve the right to cancel the participation of those guests on our programs, who are unable to confirm that they were not exposed to the virus as described in #3. or who are visibly showing the symptoms of any upper respiratory tract problem. These guests will recieve 100% refund.

Budapest, 1st March, 2020.